`# UserDelete()

This API call is used to delete a user from an Account.

Nodes acting on behalf of standard Users cannot delete any user but the one identified in the SAML security token.

A minimum of 1 full access User must be present in an Account at all times; the last remaining full access user cannot be deleted regardless ofthe access level of the user identified in the SAML security token.



Request Method:


Request Parameters:

Request Format


Response Format

Status Code:



Delete a User by AccountID and UserID

The following example deletes a User from an Account

Sample Request:

DELETE /rest/2015/02/Account/urn:dece:accountid:org:dece:0AB299E7D3BD486C9EED75B20CA426AE/User/urn:dece:userid:org:dece:C4F3D6FD8A6C44CE93D262C1D074A30E HTTP/1.1
Host: api.uvvu.com
Accept: application/xml
Authorization: SAML2 assertion=[Assertion]

Sample Response:

HTTP/1.1 200
Date: [Date]
X-transaction-info: [TransactionInfo]

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