Rights and stream management

To facilitate playback of content, the coordinator serves as an entitlement registry service and as a registry for available streams.


The primary resources are entitlements expressed as Rights, which are an indication to API Clients that Users have acquired the rights to the digital assets identified in a Rights Token.


Streams allow a User to view the content of digital assets (to which the User is entitled by virtue of a Rights Token in the Account’s Rights Locker).

They are not artifacts in the same way that DVDs are, rather they are real-time representations of digital content.

Stream resources provide reservation and stream information to authorized Roles.

Data Types


Element Attribute Definition Value Card.
StreamList dece:StreamList-type
ActiveStreamsCount Number of active streams xs:int 0..1
AvailableStreams Number of additional streams possible xs:int 0..1
Stream dece:Stream-type 0..n


Element Attribute Definition Value Card.
Stream dece:Stream-type
StreamHandleID Unique identifier for the stream. It is unique to the Account, so it does not need to be handled as an identifier. The Coordinator must ensure it is unique. dece:EntityID-type 0..1
StreamClientNickname An optional human-readable string representing the customer’s stream client that may be used to aid a User or Customer Support function. xs:string 0..1
RequestingUserID The User that initiated the Stream. dece:EntityID-type 0..1
RightsTokenID Identifier of the RightsToken that holds the asset being streamed. This provides information about what stream is in use (particularly for customer support). dece:EntityID-type
TransactionID Transaction information provided by the LASP to identify its transaction associated with this stream. A TransactionID need not be unique to a particular stream (that is, a transaction may span multiple streams). Its use is at the discretion of the LASP. xs:string 0..1
ExpirationDateTime xs:dateTime 0..1
SubDividedGeolocation Identifies an approximate geographic location of the stream client, when available. dece:SubDividedGeolocation-type 0..1
ResourceStatus Whether or not stream is considered active (that is, against the count). dece:ElementStatus-type 0..1




Available Permissions

Name Description
RightsTokenCreate Create a new Rights Token
RightsTokenGet Retrieve details about a Rights Token
RightsTokenDelete Delete a Rights Token
RightsTokenUpdate Update a Rights Token
RightsLockerDataGet Retrieve details about a Rights Token
RightsTokenListCreate Create a list of Rights Tokens
RightsTokenDataGetByALID Get a Rights Token by specifying ALID
StreamCreate Create a new Stream Lease
StreamList View list of Stream Leases
StreamDelete Delete a Stream Lease
StreamView Retrieve details about a Stream Lease
StreamRenew Renew a Stream Lease